Completed Projects

One of Maharashtra’s prestigious spillway constructions too bears the D Thakkar construction mark.

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We believe that today’s solutions will not be adequate tomorrow. By investing in a fleet of ultra modern equipment, in an otherwise labour intensive sector and by joining hands with other construction companies to form tactical joint ventures, DTC has ensured speedy adaptation of the latest technologies & construction techniques for its diverse engineering projects. These include water resources & hydro-electric dams, barrages, water resources canals with structures, railway & water tunnels, roads & bridges, water supply schemes, commercial / industrial / residential buildings and steel fabrication like gates, permanent structural supports for tunneling & pipelines among other structures.

DTC’s most important asset is its talented manpower which is committed to construction standards of the highest quality. The company has a knowledge asset of prominent engineers and employs a substantial work force at its various projects across India. Our company’s talented team knows that projects are critical to the growth and success of India.

Water Resources Dams / Barrages

We have undertaken earth dams, concrete spillways of Lower Pedhi major project (earth dam of 8.50 km length), Bordi medium project (including Mega river diversion and obtaining forest clearance from


Our company has executed flexible pavement road in Dhule District on NH-3 as well as strengthening work of NH-69. Our company has also undertaken Road Works of State Highway SH-249 and SH–255-A.

Buildings and Industrial Construction

We have constructed multiple residential, commercial and office buildings for Maharashtra Integrated Border Check Posts at Madhya Pradesh border near

Steel Fabrication

We are presently engaged in the fabrication of steel gates of Ner Dhamna & Wardha Barrages. We are also engaged in Steel Fabrication of Chemical Tanks, Prefab buildings, Pipelines and permanent supports

Diaphragm Wall and Piles

DTC in association with Trench Piles founded by Shri Madhukar Lodhavia undertakes the following types of works:

Water Resources Canals

We have successfully completed the earth work, structures and lining works of Bargi Left Bank Canal and distributaries (137 km length) and Bargi Right Bank Canal and distributaries (25 km length) for Narmada


Our company has executed Bridges in Dhule District on NH-3. Our company has also undertaken Bridge Works on State Highways SH-249 and SH–255-A. We have also taken up construction of the approach roads and bridge to plant

Hydro Project and Tunneling

We have successfully completed part length of water conductor system of tail race tunnel, cut and cover at lower intake channel and approach tunnel to lower adit for Ghatghar

Lift Irrigation and Water Supply Schemes

We are constructing Lift Irrigation Schemes on Ner Dhamna and Wardha barrages as well as Parwa L.I.Scheme - No. 1 on Lower Penganga project in the State of Maharashtra. We have also constructed the Water